October Flyer #1

October 1 - October 31, 2021
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
When ordering on-line, enter the part number listed below on the Product Search page.

Description Part Number
Automatic 50/10/6<>2A AMP 12V Charger / Starter (Left) SC1361
Manual 10/2 AMP 12V Charger SC1339
Auto 6/2/40/20/250/125A 12/24V Wheel Charger/Starter SC1352
Automatic 250/40/6<>2A 6/12V Wheel Charger / Starter SC1325
Dynamic Tools
Description Part Number
5 Piece Pliers Set w/ Comfort Grip Handles D055201
Description Part Number
16' x 3/4" Imperial / Metric Tape Measure 75115
Description Part Number
Micro Pro Torch 8247-31
4-in-1 Torch 8257-31
M2 Professional Cleaning
Description Part Number
18" Warehouse Broom Head PB-G18
24" Warehouse Broom Head PB-G24
36" Warehouse Broom Head PB-G36
60" Threaded Broom Handle FH-W360MT
Description Part Number
Garage Floor Kleen 11kg Pail 1200
Description Part Number
Safety Triangle Kit - 3 Triangles and Storage Case 71422
Dynamic Safety
Description Part Number
Truck First Aid Kit FAKTBP
First Aid Kit FAKONT1UP
Superior Glove
Description Part Number
String Knit & Nylon Work Gloves - Size 8 S13BKPUQ-8
String Knit & Nylon Work Gloves - Size 9 S13BKPUQ-9
String Knit & Nylon Work Gloves - Size 10 S13BKPUQ10
String Knit & Nylon Work Gloves - Size 11 S13BKPUQ11
Description Part Number
Tychem QC Hooded Coveralls - Extra Large 65594/XL
Tychem QC Hooded Coveralls - 2 Extra Large 65594/2XL
Tychem QC Hooded Coveralls - 3 Extra Large 65594/3XL
Description Part Number
T32 MP Penetrant T32
T40 Rust Inhibitor T40
Gray Tools
Description Part Number
4" Adjustable Wrench 65304
18" Adjustable Wrench 65318
24" Adjustable Wrench 65324
Dynamic Tools
Description Part Number
0-4” Opening, 3-1/4” Throat D090003
0-6” Opening, 4-1/8” Throat D090004
0-8” Opening, 5” Throat D090005
Bio Circle
Description Part Number
E-Nox Clean Stainless Steel Cleaner 53G303
Description Part Number
ISO 22 Hydraulic Oil 18.9L Pail FBB0012240
ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil 18.9L Pail FBB0011740
ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil 18.9L Pail FBB0011840
ISO 68 Hydraulic Oil 18.9L Pail FBB0011940
Description Part Number
Multi-Purpose Cleaner / Lubricant 311g Spray Can 01111
Multi-Purpose Cleaner / Lubricant 3.78L 01110
Super Lube
Description Part Number
Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease 400g Jar 41160
Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease 400g Tube 41150
Description Part Number
CO Contact Cleaner 397g Spray Can 72016
Garbage Bags
Description Part Number
35" x 50" XX-Strong DU57760001
26" x 36" X-Strong DU57760005
Description Part Number
Brake Fluid 350ml Bottle DOT3-350
Brake Fluid 500ml Bottle DOT3-500
Brake Fluid 1L Bottle DOT3-31L
Brake Fluid 4L Jug DOT3-34L
Description Part Number
Disc Brake Quiet 118ml Bottle 31868
Disc Brake Quiet 225g Spray Can 24155
Description Part Number
2/0 Gauge Black Battery Cable 25' Roll 8099PK
2/0 Gauge Red Battery Cable 25' Roll 8099-5PK
1/0 Gauge Black Battery Cable 25' Roll 8100PK
1/0 Gauge Red Battery Cable 25' Roll 8100-5PK
Tire Valves
Description Part Number
TR413 Tire Valve TR413
TR414 Tire Valve TR414
TR418 Tire Valve TR418

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Some items may require special order or be available in limited quantities only.
Product may not be exactly as shown.