September Flyer #1

September 1 - September 30, 2017
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
When ordering on-line, enter the part number listed below on the Product Search page.

Description Part Number
4.5IN 18V 5.2AH Zip Cutter Kit C12532
5IN 18V 5.2AH Zip Cutter Kit C12501
6IN 18V 5.2AH Zip Cutter Kit C12520
Description Part Number
14/3 x 50' Prolock Electric Cord - Blue
14/3 x 100' Prolock Electric Cord - Blue
12/3 X 50' Prolock Electric Cord - Blue, Orange & Green
12/3 X 100' Prolock Electric Cord - Blue, Orange & Green
14/3 X 50' Prolock Electric Cord - Blue & Orange
14/3 X 100' Prolock Electric Cord - Blue & Orange
Description Part Number
200 Lumens Flashlight RNT3AAA-B
18 Lumens Pen Light I2AAAPEN-B
Description Part Number
3/4" x 16' Imperial / Metric Tape Measure 75115
Description Part Number
Electric Grease Gun 585-B1
Quality Automotive Products
Description Part Number
HD Multi-Purpose Grease 14oz Tube FXG000111
Multi-Purpose Grease 14oz Tube FXG000211
Description Part Number
0-6IN Range Dial Calipers 816028
0-8IN Range Dial Calipers 816030
0-12IN Range Dial Calipers 816032
0-6IN/0-150mm Range Electronic Calipers 817000
0-8IN/0-200mm Range Electronic Calipers 817001
0-12IN/0-300mm Range Electronic Calipers 817002
Description Part Number
Large Mechanics Gloves MXBU/L
Extra Large Mechanics Gloves MXBU/XL
Description Part Number
15 Piece Industrial Screwdriver Set w/ Soft Case 52994
Howard Leight
Description Part Number
Max Lite 30db T-Shape Uncorded Ear Plugs - Box 200 Pairs LPF-1
Laser Lite 32db T-Shape Corded Ear Plugs - Box 100 Pairs LL-30
Shop Rags
Description Part Number
25lb Bag Recycled Cloth Rags 25LBBLEND
Choice Line
Description Part Number
42x48IN Extra Heavy Duty Garbage Bags Box/100 TYBK4248XXS
22x24IN Standard Garbage Bags Box/500 TYBK2424REG
35x50IN Premium Plus Garbage Bags Box/125 TYBK3550X-S
35x50IN Clear Garbage Bags Box/125 TYCL3550X-S
Fast Orange
Description Part Number
Hand Cleaner w/Pumice 3.78L Jug 25-218
Description Part Number
Copper Anti-seize to 980C 454g 09124
Copper Anti-seize to 980C 226g 09127
Silver Anti-seize to 870C 454g 76764
Silver Anti-seize to 870C 113g 76762
Description Part Number
Rad Flush & Cleaner 650ml
Rad Stop Leak 325ml 73015
Rad Stops Leak 325ml 70597
Rad Sealer 325ml 73023
Rad Complete Care 650ml 73031
Limited Quantities  
Description Part Number
Heavy Duty Filters Various
- Oil Filters  
- Fuel Filters  
- Hydraulic Filters  
- Coolant Filters  
Description Part Number
Brake Parts Cleaner 390g Spray Can 313
Description Part Number
Omni Cleaner / Lubricant 450ml Spray Can 53-X 002
Description Part Number
Heavy Duty 80W-90 Gear Oil 946ml Bottle 20043
Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Oil 946ml Bottle 20047
Synthetic 75W-140 Gear Oil 946ml Bottle 20121
Description Part Number
Sensor Kleen 312 Can 75110

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Product may not be exactly as shown.