September Flyer #2

September 1 - September 30, 2017
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
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Bestbuy Pro
Description Part Number
Industrial Strength Cleaner / Degreaser 990ml Spray Bottle 25416
Industrial Strength Cleaner / Degreaser 4L Jug 26416
Industrial Strength Cleaner / Degreaser 20L Jug 29416
Rust Check
Description Part Number
Rust Inhibitor 180g Spray Can 1043
Rust Inhibitor 350g Spray Can 1054
Rust Inhibitor 4L Jug 1044
Coat & Protect 350g Spray Can 10025
Coat & Protect 4L Jug 10024
Rust Converter 283g 11006
Description Part Number
200/80/60/44/30 Amp 6/12/18/24 Volt Wheel Charger SF-3000
Description Part Number
47 Piece Torsion Screwdriver Bit Set 49335547
Description Part Number
Four-in-One Brush S4IN1B
Description Part Number
M6 x 1 Thread Repair Kit 5546-6
M8 x 1.25 Coarse Thread Repair kit 5546-8
Description Part Number
2nd Skin Peel-off Coating - Black 17200
2nd Skin Peel-off Coating - White 17201
2nd Skin Peel-off Coating - Clear 17205
Description Part Number
Multi-Use Penetrant / Lubricant 311g 01111
Description Part Number
Assortment 0160M
Description Part Number
Universal Black Hi-Temp Engine Enamel 203
J-B Weld
Description Part Number
SuperWeld Brushable Glue 33106CAN
J-B Weld
Description Part Number
6ml Perma-Lock Blue Medium Strength Threadlocker 24206CAN
36ml Perma-Lock Blue Medium Strength Threadlocker 24236CAN
6ml Perma-Lock Red High Strength Threadlocker 27106CAN
36ml Perma-Lock Red High Strength Threadlocker 27136CAN
Description Part Number
Spark Plugs Various
Little Trees
Description Part Number
Black Ice Air Freshener U1P-10155
New Car Scent Air Freshener U1P-10189
Leather Air Freshener U1P-10290

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Product may not be exactly as shown.