August Flyer #2

August 1 - August 31, 2019
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
When ordering on-line, enter the part number listed below on the Product Search page.

Description Part Number
Working Hands Hand Cream - 85g Tube K1290003
Working Hands Hand Cream - 96g Jar K1350001
Skin Repair Body Lotion - 12oz Pump K1120005
Skin Repair Body Lotion - 7oz Tube K1700002
Description Part Number
Lip Repair Original K1700102
Lip Repair Cooling K1710102
Lip Repair Aloe K1900002
Skin Repair - 12oz Pump K1120002
Skin Repair - 7oz Tube K1700002
Spray Nine
Description Part Number
Multi-Purpose Cleaner 946ml Spray Bottle C12532
Grez Off Heavy Duty Cleaner 946ml Spray Bottle C26382
Description Part Number
Scott Shop Towels 75120
Scott Dispenser Rolls - Case /4 01010
Scott Bathroom Rolls - Case /40 48040
Scott Perforated Roll Towels - Case /20 41482
Description Part Number
4 Pack 1" x 10' Ratchet Straps w/ S-Hooks 95005
4 Pack 1" x 15' Ratchet Straps w/ Padded Handle SL91
Description Part Number
2" x 30' Extreme Ratchet Strap w/ Flat Hooks 45982-11
2" x 30' Extreme Ratchet Strap w/ Wire Hooks 45982-43
Description Part Number
Digital Tire Inflator gauge 24028
Heavy Duty Tire Inflator 42007
Description Part Number
The Right Stuff Instant Gasket Maker - 147ml 30874
The Right Stuff Instant Gasket Maker - 300ml 30876
Description Part Number
Ultra Black Silicone Gasket Maker - 147ml 59805
Ultra Blue Silicone Gasket Maker - 147ml 59605
Ultra Copper Silicone Gasket Maker - 147ml 59705
Ultra Ultra Grey Silicone Gasket Maker - 147ml 59905
Description Part Number
Instant Headlight Restoration Wipes 82210
Description Part Number
12' x 400' Blue Sheeting 03344
16' x 350' Blue Sheeting 03345
12' x 400' Over Spray Sheeting 06727
16' x 400' Over Spray Sheeting 06728
Fluid Film
Description Part Number
Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant 3300
Description Part Number
Silicone Ceramic Brake Lubricant 236ml Brush Top Can 24122
Description Part Number
Coolant Leak Repair ST9501

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Product may not be exactly as shown.