June Flyer #2

June 1 - June 30, 2019
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
When ordering on-line, enter the part number listed below on the Product Search page.

Bestbuy Pro
Description Part Number
Power Washer Cleaner Concentrate 4L 28316
Power Washer Cleaner Concentrate 20L 28320
Description Part Number
946ml Spray Bottle C12532
4L Jug C12501
20L pail C12520
Description Part Number
Bug Blast 397g Aerosol 72010
Description Part Number
Cloth Duct Tape 2" x 60yds 78000
Speed Grip Structural Adhesive 04616
Description Part Number
Speed-Lok Discs Medium Maroon 09190
Speed-Lok Discs Coarse Brown 09191
Speed-Lok Discs Coarse Blue 38621
Quality Automotive Products
Description Part Number
Gloss Black Spray Paint BT-1
Flat Black Spray Paint BT-2
Satin Black Spray Paint BT-8
Gloss White Spray Paint BT-4
Grey Sandable Primer Spray Paint BT-235
Description Part Number
6 Ton Jack Stands T46002
6 Wheel Steel Frame Creeper TR6500
Bestbuy Pro
Description Part Number
Wash and Wax Concentrate 4L 41205
Wash and Wax Concentrate 20L 12022
Description Part Number
Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42L G17748C
Hot Rims Tire & Wheel Cleaner 710ml G9524C
Ultra Finishing Polish 238ml M20508
Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels X2020
Black Magic
Description Part Number
Tire Foam 510g Aerosol 36201
Pro Shine Protectant 473ml 36209
No Scrub Wheel Cleaner 36214
Description Part Number
Wash & Wax Spot Free Car Wash 1.42L 36240
Water Repelling Fast Wax 680ml 36243
Description Part Number
Instant Headlight Restoration Wipes 82210
Phillips & Temro
Description Part Number
Leather and Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit 8121300-EF

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Product may not be exactly as shown.