October Flyer #2

October 1 - October 30, 2021
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our Store, or On-Line.
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Spray Nine
Description Part Number
Multi-purpose Cleaner / Disinfectant 650ml Spray Bottle C26822
Multi-purpose Cleaner / Disinfectant 4L Jug C26804
Description Part Number
Lip Repair Balm - Unscented K1700102
Lip Repair Balm - Cooling K1710102
Working Hands Hand Cream 85g Tube K1290003
Working Hands Hand Cream 96g Jar K1350001
Description Part Number
Gorilla Glue - 4oz 5100402
Gorilla Glue Pen 5202402
Description Part Number
Cowhide Work Gloves 723596AST
Performance Work Gloves 789274DIL
Impact Performance Gloves - M 759272DIM
Impact Performance Gloves - L 759272DIL
Impact Performance Gloves - XL 759272DIXL
Rust Check
Description Part Number
Rust Inhibitor 350g Spray Can 1054
Description Part Number
Under hood Work Light 111036
Description Part Number
M6 Metric Nuts 024-206
M8 Metric Nuts 024-208
M10 Metric Nuts 024-210
1/4" UNC Nuts 023-201
5/16" UNC Nuts 023-202
3/8" UNC Nuts 023-203
Quality Automotive Products
Description Part Number
0W60 Synthetic Motor Oil 5L Jug FX0004830
Description Part Number
Pneumatic Creeper Seat TR6350
Big Red 20Ton Bottle Jack T92003B
Rapid Fix
Description Part Number
UV Plastic Adhesive w/ Flashlight 6121805EF
Leather and Fabric Repair Kit 8121300EF
Fiber Repair Patch 6121936EF
Description Part Number
Liquid Glass Ceramic Coating For WIndshields 965089
Degreaser 771117
E-Z Red
Description Part Number
Battery Hydrometer SP101
Anti-freeze Tester SP102
Western Weld
Description Part Number
Tire Repair Kit TS60K
4" HD Repair Kits - Box/60 ST1933
8" HD Repair Kits - Box/30 ST1934
Description Part Number
Multi-Purpose Coolant Leak Repair ST9501
Description Part Number
Big Horn Portable Horn 65808
Hi-Tone Automotive Horn 72002
Low-Tone Automotive Horn 72012
 Perfect Equipment
Description Part Number
Cold Weather Adhesive Wheel Weights .50oz Segments 300360CW

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